Creation to Christ

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Have you ever wanted to understand the entire message of the Bible?

We want to invite you to join us beginning January 12th 2020 as we begin a 12 week study called Creation to Christ.
Each week we will cover a major section of the Bible in Chronological order of the Bible. During this study you will develop an understanding of how the entire Bible is telling one story about Christ. After you complete this study you will be able to tell this story to others.

We will begin our mornings with Small group discussions during Sunday School. Every Class will be new so you will not be coming into an established class and each class will also have a new teacher. That same topic will then be covered in the Morning Service during Preaching. 

We have learned this study from the International Mission Board and we have practiced it East Africa in Muslim Communities. We have seen several Muslims become believers from this study. 
We believe this same study will create within everyone who hears it a deeper understanding of the Bible.