Thank you for taking the time to visit our website today and learn more about the LABC family.  We believe the only thing unique about our Church is the Lord whom we serve.  It is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior we view as special and not ourselves.  We are just sinners saved by His amazing grace and all we have to offer is by Him, through Him, and for His glory. 


If you are visiting this site and are not involved in Church we want you to know the importance of Church assembly.  We believe the Church is the most vital people God has placed on this earth.  As believers we are the Bride of Christ and are undeservingly loved by Him.  We assemble together to worship Him and encourage one another through the ministry of edification.  We firmly believe there is no place more important you or your family can be than within the Church.


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    234 Lincoln Ave

    Newport, TN 37821


    Phone: 423.623.2903

    E-mail: labc@labconline.org

    Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm